Are you keeping cool in your car? If your A/C is underperforming, then the answer is probably no. Here in Utah, we spend a lot of time in our cars. Whether we’re driving up into the mountains for a great day outdoors, or we’re commuting to and from work, we want it to be a comfortable drive. Our Master Muffler team understands that it’s important for you to be cool in your car.

So, in order to drive in comfort and class, trust us for A/C repair and maintenance. Our Layton location offers all the personal touch of a local business, with tried-and-true techniques that have made us a trusted brand throughout the state of Utah.

How Does Your Car’s A/C Work?

air conditioning vent in car

Air conditioners, whether they’re in your car, or in your house, work about the same way across the board. They rely on a refrigerant as it cycles through the system, being compressed and expanded in turn to take advantage of the rapid` cooling that comes with expansion.

In order to understand how your air conditioning system works, there are a few principles of physics that you should be familiar with:

  • Condensation and evaporation: Have you ever noticed how a glass of icy soda “sweats” in the heat? This is because as the warm air comes in contact with the outside of the glass, it quickly cools and loses its ability to hold as much water. So instead, the water vapor condenses and changes to liquid form, sticking to the glass. This same process is found in your air conditioner, as the refrigerant is compressed and condensed. It also happens in reverse, when the refrigerant quickly evaporates.
  • Compression and expansion: It’s important to understand that when an element is compressed, it creates heat. That’s what you’re noticing when you pump up a tire on your bike and note that both the pump and the tire are very warm from the compressed air (and friction.) It works conversely when something expands quickly. For example, have you ever noticed how cold your hairspray or your aerosol deodorant feels when it first comes out of the can? This is because the elements have rapidly expanded, which has a cooling effect.

Air conditioning relies on these principles of thermodynamics, using the moment when refrigerant evaporates and rapidly expands to produce icy-cold air.

Time to cool down

Looks to Master Muffler for all things air conditioning.

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A/C Maintenance and Repair Services

Here at Master Muffler, we offer full service on your car’s A/C system. Whether you need a system flush and refill in order to keep it operating at its peak, or your air conditioning system is broken and you need to identify the problem, we’ve got you covered. We offer free A/C inspections so that you can be sure your air conditioning can go the distance during a summer road trip. Here are some of the most common services and fixes we provide:

  • Refrigerant flush: Sometimes, when your air conditioner sits idle all winter, it can become home to millions of microorganisms. Not only do these guys gum up the works; they also smell terrible. A system flush will give a strong stream of fresh, icy air.
  • Compressor repair: Your system’s compressor is under a lot of stress, and responsible for powering the whole system. Usually, if the air conditioning system just isn’t working at all, it has something to do with the compressor.
  • Leak identification and sealing: Your air conditioning system is a closed system. Even a tiny leak will change the pressure and interrupt the compression and expansion process. It’s best to identify leaks early because they’re usually easier to repair then. Whether it’s a leak at a certain port, or it’s something in the hoses and pipes connecting the system, we can identify and correct the leak.

Bring in your car for a full check-up on your air conditioning system. We’ll have you back on the open road in no time!

So, if it’s getting a little too toasty in your car, bring it in for a checkup. We can determine whether your system needs little bit of work in order to keep your car cool and comfortable.

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