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How to Prepare Your Brakes for Winter Driving

It's that time of year again - the temperature is dropping and the snow is starting to fall. For many people, this means it's time to start preparing their cars for winter driving. One of the most important things you can do to prepare your car for winter is to make sure your brakes are in good condition. Brakes are essential for safe driving in winter conditions, so it's important to make sure they're [...]

By |2023-01-20T13:16:40-07:00December 12, 2022|Brakes|Comments Off on How to Prepare Your Brakes for Winter Driving

How to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Car

Did you know that the average car’s carbon footprint is about 4.6 tons/year? That's a lot of emissions! Here’s how you can reduce the environmental impact of your car, saving money and the planet at the same time: Choose a Greener Machine We all know that cars have a huge impact on the environment— Emissions from automobiles are a leading contributor to climate change and air pollution!  The vast majority of these emissions come [...]

By |2022-10-18T14:20:10-06:00October 12, 2022|Safety and Emissions|Comments Off on How to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Car

How Many Miles Should You Drive Before an Emissions Test

When it comes to emissions tests, how many miles should you drive before taking your car in for check? It's an important question, and there's no definitive answer. In this blog post, we'll explore the topic of emissions testing in depth. We'll discuss what an emissions test is, why you need to get one done, and ways you can reduce your vehicle's emissions. What Is an Emissions Test? An emissions test is basically a [...]

By |2022-10-19T10:04:13-06:00September 10, 2022|Safety and Emissions|Comments Off on How Many Miles Should You Drive Before an Emissions Test

How to Save Money on Car Repairs

If you're like most people, you probably don't have a lot of money to spare. That's why car repairs can be such a headache - they often cost more than we'd like them to. However, car repairs don't have to be expensive if you know where to find the best deals. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for saving money on car repairs. We'll also talk about the importance of preventive [...]

By |2022-10-18T11:11:59-06:00August 8, 2022|Automotive Info|Comments Off on How to Save Money on Car Repairs

The ABCs of Doing Your Emissions

Your car’s emissions are an important contributor to your carbon footprint. In order to leave a sustainable future behind alongside your legacy, it is important to test your emissions each and every year. While this may sound like a drag, keeping your car’s output of harmful gases in check is easier than you think.  About How Long Will the Test Actually Take? While pollution poses a threat to our planet, an emissions test is [...]

By |2022-07-03T21:20:55-06:00July 9, 2022|Safety and Emissions, Uncategorized|Comments Off on The ABCs of Doing Your Emissions

How to Replace a Tire

Whether it's flat, the tire is bald, or it’s just time to rotate them out, knowing how to take a tire off and replace it is essential for anyone on the road. Master Muffler Salt Lake offers a variety of tire services like repairing flats, installing new tires, as well as rotation and alignment services. Here’s a step-by-step list of how to change a tire on the road if you ever have to. In [...]

By |2022-06-20T18:32:51-06:00June 12, 2022|Tires|Comments Off on How to Replace a Tire

5 Tips to Preserve Your Engine

For any vehicle, regular maintenance is always our top recommendation. The engine is the heart of your car, and when it's not working correctly, it can mean being without a vehicle. Proper engine maintenance ensures your safety on the road and your freedom to drive altogether. At Master Muffler of Layton, we recommend routine maintenance to prevent engine issues. Here are five of our top tips to keep your engine healthy for years to [...]

By |2022-06-08T22:06:38-06:00May 11, 2022|Uncategorized|Comments Off on 5 Tips to Preserve Your Engine

Increasing the Life of Your Brakes

One of our most frequent services at any Master Muffler location is brake changes. So whether you’re coming in to change out spongy feeling brakes or just want to feel safer after braking with extra force on wet winter roads, we’re here to help!  Though there are sure signs that it’s time to change your brakes (like that lovely screeching sound as you’re slowly braking at a stoplight), we want to ensure that every [...]

By |2022-04-19T23:01:25-06:00April 12, 2022|Brakes|Comments Off on Increasing the Life of Your Brakes

Fuel Effecient Cars for 2022

2021 Toyota Venza Gas consumption is decent for a hybrid SUV, ranging from 40 mpg in the city to 37 mpg on the interstate. The Venza has upmarket elements on the inside, as well as comfy seats and excellent ride quality. An 8-inch touch screen with a smartphone connection and six-speaker audio are standard elements in the infotainment system. The Toyota Venza also has a comprehensive array of sophisticated driver assistance features, including pedestrian [...]

By |2022-03-23T22:15:50-06:00March 11, 2022|Automotive Info|Comments Off on Fuel Effecient Cars for 2022

Finding the Right Mechanic

You not only want a mechanic that’s affordable, but reliable as well. So how do you go about finding the right one? If your mechanic doesn’t explain your car repair needs in a way you can understand, it’s probably time to find someone else. At Master Muffler, we want you to know exactly what you’re paying for, and why. Communication is Key First and foremost, a good mechanic should have good communication. Not only [...]

By |2021-12-24T02:28:11-07:00January 3, 2022|Automotive Info|Comments Off on Finding the Right Mechanic
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